Who are our clients?

What is Your Story

Hidden Value Partners focuses on organisations experiencing uncertain change.

Examples of the kinds of situations our clients faced, include:


  • They felt they were failing, under-performing, or were losing market share
  • They wanted better results
  • Could not grow as fast as their plans said they should
  • Competitors were doing much better

“We were doing OK but were struggling to grow and prosper, and wanted to perform much better for our shareholders and staff.”

Increasing complexity

  • The business felt they had a problem, but could not diagnose it
  • They were experiencing hostile actions due to M&A, or regulatory pressures and actions

“I knew we had a problem but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why we were not growing as our plans said we should.”

“We were facing an uncertain future.  An industry downturn had put our business head first into a crisis!”

Disconnected strategies, departments or staff

  • The business and the teams within it felt disconnected – didn’t know each other very well
  • Strategies, departments, and projects were incoherent or failing

“Our staff said we [management] were disconnected from those who added direct value to the business.”

Wanting to change, and not knowing where best to start

  • They wanted to be relaxed about change
  • They were “hoping for the best” by involving traditional strategy and implementation service providers
  • They had a very strong desire for transformation programmes – but without the “penalty costs of rework”
  • There was a strong desire to involve staff from the start in an empowered change agenda.

 “We had a strong desire for change from the way things were done around here, but we had, to that time, really struggled to gain anything from our change initiatives.”

Client size

Our Inquiry service is scalable from SMEs to large Corporates:

  • Head offices of large FTSE firms
  • Divisions of large FTSE and private companies
  • Holding companies of smaller businesses
  • Overseas divisions of large companies
  • Medium to large SMEs
  • Family offices and their investment portfolios
  • Government departments and non-departmental public bodies
  • Private equity (PE), seeking independent review and advice for their portfolio investments.

Top-level sponsorship

It is essential, based on prior experience, that Inquiries do not start until secure sponsorship is in place.

For whole of business Inquiry:

  • Business owners – majority shareholders, Private Equity houses, or
  • Chairpersons, Managing Directors and CEOs

Or C-suite executives for functional or major projects.


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