What is ‘hidden intelligence’?

Future value is locked away in the thoughts, ideas and energies of your most expensive resource, your employees, that is, their hidden intelligence.

Systems and processes calculate how businesses do and should perform, however, they also inhibit and block valuable intuitions, insights, opportunities and even genius, which when actioned are frequently business changing and transformational.

Other blocks include organisation structures, chains of command, cultural norms and the fear employees perceive in raising concerns which may be viewed negatively by superiors, for example, in challenging ‘the way things are done around here’.

Futility is another inhibitor. If employees are courageous and do raise issues appropriately they may not be taken seriously, so why bother?

Company Boards seldom see the hidden intelligence and value creating opportunities employees unintentionally withhold.

When hidden intelligence is made visible, a very different perspective of what is actually happening, and what could happen, from inside your businesses becomes abundantly apparent.

Introducing ‘Hidden Value Inquiry’

A Hidden Value Inquiry (HVI, or Inquiry) is a proven approach to discovering, diagnosing and realising the full value of complex, challenging and difficult situations.

An Inquiry is an independent, in-depth and structured one-to-one conversation approach to assist a representative sample of employees, drawn from the shop floor to the Boardroom and across all locations, to confidentially discuss and record their hidden intelligence.

An HVI Report then anonymously brings this to the Sponsor, Board and leadership teams.

The HVI concept was borne out of the vital necessity to rapidly find the root causes of distressed companies in need of crisis or turnaround intervention.

What is a Hidden Value Inquiry not?

An HVI is not:

  • An employee engagement process – HVIs reveal root causes and opportunities for transformational change – not employee satisfaction.
  • Only a strategic workout – HVIs discover diverse issues.
  • Limited to numbers-based analysis.
  • A legal process or an investigation of known specific issues.
  • A destabilising influence.

We do, however, engage fully with employees for critical business reasons, access strategic ideas and as part of our inquiry process, we compare and augment company strategies, plans and forecasts with the output of our Inquiries.

We build a case for a positive force for change for all concerned, especially Board and leadership teams.


Coming up in Part 2: How can hidden intelligence be asked for in a way which encourages trust and disclosure?


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