What is a Hidden Value Inquiry?

Pen and hand 2 wideA Hidden Value Inquiry (HVI) is an independent and in-depth conversation-based approach developed by Hidden Value Partners which reveals invisible insights and unrealised opportunities for our clients.

HVI has the following benefits, it:

  • Ensures a representative sample of people associated with your business are engaged in the HVI approach – at all levels and in all parts of the organisation  including others such as suppliers and customers, if required
  • Provides sufficient space and time to say what people need to say to improve your businesses and their roles within your businesses
  • Genuinely listens to and takes notice of needs in a non-judgemental way
  • Mentors to develop their thoughts and ideas for valuable input into business plans
  • Focuses on developing the best opportunities
  • Optimises performance and outcomes, and motivates staff through their thinking and contributions, and especially,
  • Establishes the landscape of insights and opportunities for transformational change.

Through meticulous and detailed insight drawn from the whole company, including the Board, our HVI puts businesses in the best possible position to initiate turnaround, renewal and growth strategies to achieve sustainable corporate value.

We believe strongly that the very nature of the Hidden Value Inquiry concept and methodology ‘puts your businesses first’.


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