Recovery and growth services


At the core of all our services is the Hidden Value Inquiry (HVI).  We are driven by the aim of ‘getting business transformation right the first time’, and believe our approach gets closer to the nub of what you are looking for than our competitors who offer a non-inquiry service.

We have five services, each of which is outlined in more detail below:

  • Hidden Value Inquiry
  • Transformation implementation
  • Transformation resourcing
  • Reviews of major initiatives
  • Follow-up reviews.

Hidden Value Inquiry

Our in-depth, discovery-led Hidden Value Inquiry, has the potential to:

  • Release an organisations’ hidden potential
  • Reduce risks and enable robust business transformation decisions
  • Empower client staff to deliver transformation outcomes
  • Reduce costs and raise the value-add of transformation initiatives
  • Increase the success rate of ‘first time implementation’
  • Increase the overall return on investment (ROI).

For detailed information about the Hidden Value Inquiry methodology please see What is a Hidden Value Inquiry?

Transformation implementation

Following a Hidden Value Inquiry, our next steps typically include:

  • Confirmation of the Inquiry findings, its recommendations and agreed actions
  • Setting up of a programme/project management office, to ensure the delivery of transformation opportunities through to completion (delivery and deployment).

In the event of supporting new owners and leaders in to client business, we agree in advance an extensive client introduction programme to ensure fast take-up of the business issues clients face, supported by the business through participation in the HVI process.

Transformation resourcing

We provide experts to augment client staff, to fill gaps in transformation capabilities and help improve the value-add of identified needs.

This may include proven senior interims, implementation specialists, project managers, coaches and mentors.  Focused on outcomes, our independent experts mentor client staff to deliver and deploy robust solutions.

Unlike traditional recruitment sources, our experts are integral to the HVP team and are actively managed for the duration of their time with successive clients – we know well, and greatly respect, our freelance people.

Our experts are on site for the duration of their client commitment and only work with one client at a time to focus attention and deliver quality outcomes.

Reviews of major initiatives

The Hidden Value Inquiry methodology can be applied as a review approach for specific business problems areas such as large projects, complex functions ( Finance, IT), and major strategies not delivering as expected.

Follow-up inquiries

Within a year or so of completing a Hidden Value Inquiry, we can re-engage to ensure sustained delivery (to client and staff expectations) of engagement outcomes, benefits, changed culture and behaviours, habits and achieved ROI.


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