Inquiry essentials and their uses

Hidden intelligence, discovered by Hidden Value Inquiries:

  • Are about your employees and their profound sources of insights and opportunities, to improve your businesses for all concerned. People just need to be asked in the right way to optimise their collective contributions.
  • Are positive forces for change. Conversations deal with people’s concerns and risks, from which we draw out opportunities for business and role improvements. It does not undermine anyone.
  • Ensure key people are engaged in the Inquiry process at all levels and all parts of the organisation and may include others such as suppliers, regulators, and customers.
  • Connect the ‘bottom-up’ with the ‘top-down’.
  • Are fast, taking as little as three to six weeks (depending on the scope of the Inquiry).
  • Are undertake by skilled listeners. Experienced Inquirers take the time and energy to ensure each conversation gets the best outcomes from each participant.
  • Mitigate consulting fees. HVIs get the closest to the root causes of change, identify employees capable of leading or participating in initiatives and projects, and assist employees with gap fill mentoring and resourcing to succeed with their own business-approved ideas.
  • Main Boards retain joint control of division, subsidiary and Head Office Inquiries.


Hidden Value Partners works with companies experiencing uncertain change, ideally before taking critical steps towards implementation.


The Inquiry services are intended for:

  • New Chairman, CEO and MD Recruitment – pre- or post-placement – to provide direction and focus to the celebrated ‘first 100 days’ – on Day 1 if undertaken before an appointment.
  • Changes in ownership, including M&A – pre-sale and post- acquisition – to help optimise hidden value add.
  • Critical innovation or transformation initiatives – to provide certainty from those closest to the change initiatives.
  • Turnaround and restructuring – hidden value optimisation and the best way forward.
  • Pre-redundancy – to capture employee insights and opportunities before release; should they still leave after an Inquiry.
  • Post-completion transformation certainty/assurance, with new possibilities.


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