How is undisclosed value uncovered?

We listenThere is a lot of valuable information, ideas, and solutions hidden away in boardrooms, middle management, and in lower-level operational and administrative areas – ‘at the coal face’.

But it remains hidden because it is invisible, ignored or forgotten.

To tap into and reveal hidden intelligence we have developed an inquiry methodology which:

  • Uses independent ‘Inquirers’ and strict confidentiality conditions
  • Listens to people in safe and secure settings, free from time-pressured distractions and business demands
  • Gives sufficient time and space to be relaxed and confident – in fact, it is not until people are in a relaxed state of mind, and feel safe, that they realise what they do know
  • Uses creative, non-linear thinking, especially intuition and lateral thinking, rather than the conventional, linear thinking mandated by today’s computerised systems and processes
  • Asks staff what they think, feel and believe about their employers, their roles and what needs to improve
  • Guarantees anonymity – what’s important is what is said, not who said it – optimally encouraging the release of value-creating potential.

Importantly, executives and managers are not the best people to ask about hidden intelligence.  To optimise discovery independence from hierarchical structures and working practices is essential.


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