Far better than tv’s ‘Undercover boss’


First day at new jobTV’s ‘Undercover boss’ is a popular show, each episode filled with intrigue, risk (of being found out!) and finally elation and tears as staff are recognised and rewarded for their insights into the boss’ business.

Wants vs. needs

People don’t always tell bosses what they need them to know.  They usually say what they think bosses want to know.

There is a huge difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ – the latter can be much more truthful and generous if accessed appropriately.

False and disingenuous

The TV show’s ‘new employee’ situations are false and disingenuous.  How is it that the bosses fail to see the deceit they use to get to the reality of what is going on in their businesses?

We now wonder how many people across the globe who have seen the TV show fear to talk to ‘new employees’, especially those being followed by TV crews.

Needing to trust

There is a better way—a genuine, truthful and trusting way to uncover what is happening in complex, under-achieving and divided businesses—the TV shows’ workplaces have most of these features.

The Hidden Value Partners’ ‘inquiry’ process gives staff (i.e. real ones), at all levels (including the boss), the chance to say what they need to say about their businesses and workplaces.  Instead of being exposed to global TV audiences we use one-to-one confidential, off-site conversations facilitated by our trained and independent Inquirers.

Genuine engagement

Most importantly ‘the boss’ does not find out ‘Who said what’, only the collected ‘What’ is said; but when the substance of the what is revealed, who said it becomes insignificant.

Our role is to listen to everyone, to collate what’s said and discovery the collective opportunities client businesses can use to recover and grow from their current situations.

That’s it, no deceit, no pretence.  Instead, a process that everyone is aware of, feels safe to participate in, and discuss what each person needs to say about their businesses and workplaces in a remarkably genuine and positive way.


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