Dr Julie Bullen

Julie has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant to a range of organisations including manufacturing, construction, engineering, IT, finance and the public sector. Using her background in psychology and experience in business, Julie helps organisations generate the high levels of engagement and commitment that are needed to achieve growth, turnaround or innovation.

Julie works with her clients to create strategies and interventions that generate positive change. This has involved helping leadership teams to engage in meaningful conversations across all levels, inviting ideas and inputs from all teams in the organisation. In highly conflicted situations, Julie’s input involves hearing from all involved and using this input to create a genuine re-alignment and progress in moving forward together.

Organisational change depends on building effective, creative relationships and communications. Clients describe Julie as “a listener, an empathic person and professionally highly competent. She’s got a way of getting you to acknowledge the bad news as well as the good and to keep the whole process on a very positive basis, with just the right amount of humour”.

Julie is a Chartered Psychologist, with a DPhil from Magdalen College, Oxford, and is a certified business coach. She works mainly in the UK, but has also worked in the USA, Europe and India. Her clients have included Standard Chartered Bank, IBM, Arcadia, Robert McAlpine, Vinci, Tata Steel and Woolley & co;  the Cabinet Office and Department of Work and Pensions;  the London Business School, London School of Economics and the Saïd Business School of Oxford University.

Examples of Julie’s work

Julie helps leaders engage with their teams in making the significant changes needed to achieve growth.

For example, Markem Systems UK Ltd, part of the global Markem organisation, needed to refocus on its core business of cutting edge industrial print technology, as its competitors were significantly undercutting its market share. This required radical changes in working practices and a significant culture change. Julie helped the leadership team run a series of workshops and meetings to engage in meaningful conversations, inviting ideas and inputs from all teams in the organisation. At the end of their work with Julie, profits had increased 40% and the culture had shifted from ‘stand by your bunks’ to one of proactive engagement throughout the organisation.

“Your vision and alignment process is a great tool as a solution to businesses that need transformation.”
Mike Knudsen, VP, Markem Systems Ltd

Launching and maintaining high performing teams is becoming increasingly important in these complex, competitive times.

Julie facilitated the integration of teams in a three-way construction joint venture that was tasked with agreeing a target cost with the client in half the usual time. Julie helped each team use the resources within the team to identify the key challenges they faced in meeting the target and to agree ways of working to achieve it. The target cost was achieved and agreed with the client, setting a new record. The full team of sixty people celebrated these achievements and highlighted the challenges facing them in the next phase of the project in a final workshop.

“A big thank you to you and Phil. I came away feeling that we had made more progress in this workshop than any other I’ve ever done!”
Tony Turton, project sponsor, Highways Agency

A global technology company was facing internal divisions in a project team with a major client. On interviewing the middle managers over a number of weeks, it became clear that there were significant organisational and leadership issues. This feedback formed the basis of a facilitated meeting with the Directors and Senior leaders responsible for the project. The meeting produced an alignment on the basic philosophy for the service to be provided to the client, and a proposal for a clearer and more effective joint organisational structure with the client. These changes were successfully renegotiated with the client.

“Julie helped us to navigate the core meetings, which had the potential for sensitive or confrontational situations developing, towards a constructive consensus aligned to organisational and client goals.”
Project director

Julie also coaches individual leaders at all levels in an organisation.

A project director responsible for delivering a £100m construction contract in Germany found that he needed to shift his team from behaving as contractors to behaving as consultants facilitating the clients’ contractors to deliver the work. This was a significant change in mind set for the team and required some tough, open challenges and conversations to find an agreed way forward with their client.

“Julie’s coaching sessions generated new insights and ideas to work with. I now see situations and people’s actions in a new light that enables me to generate better outcomes for clients.”
Phil Hart, project director, Laing

Clients describe Julie’s style as:

  • Friendly, sharp perceptive analysis, flexible and loyal
  • Julie adapts her approach to the nature of the issues;  she is very flexible and has a wide range of techniques
  • She’s a listener, an empathic person and professionally highly competent
  • She’s got a way of getting you to acknowledge the bad news as well as the good and to keep the whole process on a very positive basis, with just the right amount of humour.

Julie’s qualifications and membership of professional associations:

Chartered Psychologist – member of the British Psychological Society
ICF accredited Business Coach – member of the International Coaching Federation
DPhil (Oxon) Psychology – Magdalen College, Oxford
MPhil Clinical Psychology – Institute of Psychiatry, London
Qualified in MBTI (Myers-Briggs), Insights, Firo, WAVE and CPI (California Psychological inventory).

Dr Julie Bullen

Chartered Psychologist, ICF, DPhil (Oxon), MPhil, MBTI Practitioner

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