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TransformYourThinkingDoubtful ‘briefs’

Whether we are clients, recruitment agents or independent professionals engaged in board positions, as directors of change programmes, implementers, advisors, trainers or as leaders of business recoveries and turnarounds, we are equally hindered by poor quality ‘briefs’, that is, supposedly comprehensive outlines of what clients want to challenge, undertake and achieve by the end of engagements.

This is particularly so in high change situations, such as high growth, transformation, crisis, recovery and turnaround, where certainty is far from clear.

Excited, but wary

As independent people, we frequently find that no one in the compound two or three-party engagement process has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of what needs to change.  More often than not, both client sponsors and agents have only a general knowledge of the problems to be tackled at the start.

We then contract and enter into engagements excited by presented opportunities, but also somewhat wary in our minds of what the actual nature of our commitments are likely to turn out to be.

Actual client needs are likely to be revealed later when we get to know clients’ staff, and have a better understanding of the business risks, situations and challenges.

Sometimes we collectively find the situations we enter are entirely different and frequently not known about at the point of entry.

Our collective hearts then sink when we find circumstances well outside the original brief.

To counter these too often situations, Hidden Value Partners have developed a new concept and approach which gets the closest possible to true client change and engagement needs.

A better way – ‘Hidden Value Inquiry’

We call this Hidden Value Inquiry (HVI). ‘Hidden’, because:

1  revealed insights are not always visible to external recruiters and independent professionals, and,

2  not visible to clients either, often disconnected and overwhelmed by the complexity and size of today’s organisations and perpetual daily ‘busy-ness’.

Revealed unknown facts, situations, relationships, agendas, and opportunities in our experience can completely change not only the reasons for engaging freelancers but also the very grounds for the existence of a business and its change needs.

We see Hidden Value Inquiry as a turning point in clients understanding their transformation needs and of independent engagement.

The HVI approach is an independent, in-depth conversation methodology perfected over more than a thousand confidential conversations across all stakeholder levels and groups at client businesses.  The core concept is that sponsors do not find out ‘Who said What’ — only the collective and previously unseen ‘What’ from the conversations.  This approach significantly helps promote interviewee openness and candour towards helping often struggling businesses with difficult and challenging circumstances.

The ‘What’ then informs themes, situations and new opportunities based on new, richer and deeper understanding.

The process reveals profound insights and opportunities for our client sponsors, with much better outcomes for all concerned

As a result, independent professionals and recruitment agents receive a high quality and supported brief to support their clients; and clients understand their businesses better.  Clients also have better focused, more value-adding independent resources on leading or assisting with their change programmes.

Having experienced sub-optimal client engagements – a permanent feature of the client/independent/recruiter offering (much to everyone’s frequent discomfort) – what we have developed is a new and profound way of engaging clients, their preferred recruitment agents, their sponsors and staff in the discovery of the actual root causes and needs for business transformation and independent professionals engagement.

This new business model of client engagement produces considerable upside benefit for all parties concerned.

The Hidden Value Inquiry:

  • reveals previously unknown insights into client businesses
  • focuses on developing the best opportunities, to then,
  • recruit freelance resources for engagements in unambiguous projects to fill gaps in client capabilities.

Clients are then in the best possible position to initiate turnaround, recovery, and growth strategies to achieve sustainable corporate value.


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