How can ‘hidden intelligence’ be asked for in a way which encourages trust and disclosure?

A Hidden Value Inquiry (HVI) guarantees confidentiality (we do not reveal ‘who said what’), and non-judgemental listening, conducted in safe and secure surroundings, away from busy workplaces and daily routines.

Our Inquirers rapidly create a high level of trust, disclosure and expectation for change.

We repeatedly find:

  • It is not until people feel safe and are in a relaxed state of mind,
  • With sufficient time and space to speak their minds with someone independent of their superiors and peers,

that they fully realise what they do know to benefit their employers and their job performance.

Frequently shared comments include:

  • “I could say anything I wished … and they listened”.
  • “I accessed information in my head I didn’t know was there”.
  • “It was a cathartic experience”.
  • “We very quickly got to the gist of many issues in the company [stated by a Sponsor]”.

Inquiries are intensive engagements, typically:

  • Listening to 30 to 100+ people in one-to-one structured conversations
  • Lasting 3 to 6 hours and recording 15 to 40 pages of insights and opportunities per conversation
  • Capturing 500 to 2,000+ pages of notes in total for detailed analysis.

At a meeting with a FTSE 100 company in recent weeks, the Chairman stated he regularly talked with shop floor staff about what was happening in the company. His success rate in finding ‘really useful information’ was one in ten, and then for only half an hour or so of his valuable time.

The HVI approach is 99% successful, with hidden intelligence revealed during 2 to 4+ hours per conversation. Three to four Inquirers can capture insights from 8 to 12 conversations per day.

HVI reports present a very different view of a business to that shown in numbers-based analysis and written reports/discussions from direct line executives.

All our Inquirers are Board Executives, business psychologists or expert advisors with over 25 years of experience within organisations. We are independent, experienced eyes and ears extending to areas of your businesses you are infrequently, or not able to reach.


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