Tremendous hidden intelligence is locked away in your businesses – we guarantee

It only lies dormant and invisible to Boards because of office norms, organisational hierarchies, stale systems and processes, daily routines and deadlines – in particular, if it involves challenging the existing status quo.

But if you know how to unlock it, it can enable your business to quickly grow, address challenges and radically transform.

How do we do it? Our tried and tested inquiry service converses with staff on their own, away from company managers and colleagues, in relaxed settings away from the workplace – using highly trained and experienced Inquirers.

Suddenly staff contributions to your businesses change significantly.

By providing calmness, openness and trust, people’s creativity, focus, and attentive thinking increase dramatically.

Hidden ideas, thoughts and concerns come to light, adding substantially to businesses struggling to deal with challenging, complex and difficult situations.

And after we pull together the results, supported by in-depth business analysis, this is what a Hidden Value Inquiry can do for your business:

  • Get to the root causes of critical business issues
  • Uncover profound ideas and insights, enabling transformational change (if needed)
  • Identify solutions to challenging situations
  • Identify ways forward for business turnaround and business integration
  • Discover the hidden value in your businesses – re-energise your staff and transform your performance
  • Address previously insurmountable problems.


The answers to your most pressing business challenges can be found inside your businesses.

It just takes the right approach to discover the internal landscape of insights and opportunities to help deliver successful change.


Hidden Value Inquiry

Our approach is distraction-free thinking and optimal focus not on ‘who said what’, but ‘what is said’ in our inquiry conversations.

Hidden Value Inquiry (HVI) discovers for our clients the answers within your businesses.

We (directors, employees, others, and Inquirers), learn:

  • profound ideas and insights which get the closest to the root causes of critical business issues, perhaps leading to transformational change initiatives, and;
  • the opportunities to take forward new strategies and solutions to challenging situations such as the need for turnarounds and integrations.


Releasing and realising hidden value

Uncovering the hidden intelligence in your businesses has the potential to re-energise staff, transform performance, and address apparently insurmountable problems.

Our multi-disciplinary teams and unique Inquiry approach will discover the hidden issues in your businesses and start to bring you closer to your goals very quickly, within three to six weeks.

We invite you to find out more about our inquiry methodology (HVI), our people, the situations we work with, our client list, and new thinking on the hidden value theme.

Or simply contact us now to discuss your business situation.


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